I had a very exciting afternoon on Wednesday this week. I attended an aboriginal education class at Cedar Grove Elementary School. The teacher brought her own talking stick which was hand carved by a Squamish artist specifically for her when she graduated from her teacher education program.  She shared this beautiful piece of artwork with us as she taught us about animals, respect and sharing. We admired and took turns with her talking stick as we shared stories that we have had about our encounters with bears!

One of the ways that we support students is through understanding each others’ interpretations of the complicated world around us. By looking through the eyes of an aboriginal teacher we were able to better understand not just a different way of seeing, but that we all have special gifts to offer each other.

The Sunshine Coast School District is very proud of our aboriginal program and its support of our students and staff. Our district is located on the traditional territories of the Sechelt and Squamish First Nations. Through educational programming for students we hope to honour their cultures and the cultures of all first nations and to develop a deeper understanding of each other.

For much more information about aboriginal education please go to:  http://www.allnationscoast.net/