Today is a Pro-D day.

SD No. 46 (Sunshine Coast) teachers, principals and other staff are engaged in professional development activities that support their growth as educators. Many are looking at innovative strategies to address the needs of their students; others are acting as mentors to their colleagues. The commitment they demonstrate by being fully engaged in their own learning, being accountable for it and sharing their expertise with colleagues confirms what it means to be a professional teacher in British Columbia. By working together they are far more able to address the needs of their own students than by working in isolation. Further to this, working in collegial groups allows teachers to make a difference beyond their own classroom walls as they influence, support and enrich the professional lives of their colleagues.

As they look to the future of the district, the Sunshine Coast Board of Trustees have committed to investing in the professional learning of its staff as a multi-year commitment. The trustees believe in the professionalism of their staff to focus on what makes a difference to student learning as teachers and principals extend, share and innovate in the very sophisticated, challenging and exciting world of education.