Education in B.C. is running through a tough time right now. Labour issues are distracting us from focusing on teaching and learning. There are other matters to discuss and challenges to confront. Where do we find our energy when challenging times come along? How do we maintain our pride in public education?

We find it in our schools.

The trustees of SD No. 46 (Sunshine Coast) and our Secretary-Treasurer and I recently spent two days touring all of our learning sites. Principals told us of their plans and dreams for their schools. They proudly guided us around and we chatted with our amazing teaching staff. The teachers boasted of the accomplishments of their students. We watched innovative teaching strategies and learned more about the diverse programs offered to our students. Most importantly, the trustees and I saw motivated students working with bright eyes and energy on their learning. From kindergarten children with their inquisitiveness and natural exploration to high school students taking apart engines, performing dramatic presentations, displaying beautiful artistic expression and engaging in sophisticated academic learning, we were smiling for two days straight.

For those of us in education who do not spend all of our time in schools, we need reminders of the wonder that is education. These visits made us proud to be in our district, involved in education and taking our role forward at the trustee and senior team level. We are energized and looking forward to a bright future in public education on the Sunshine Coast.

Our sincere thanks to the principals and staff of our schools for their warm welcome.