“Students have a right to a say in their education. “

This is a simple and respectful phrase, but there are usually few opportunities for trustees and senior staff to hear directly from their students on an ongoing, consistent, committed basis.

With this in mind the Board of Education of School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast) has gone far beyond having “student voice” as a strategic plan motto. They will be swearing in, permanently, the role of student trustee at the board table during their November 12th public meeting. The voice of students will be heard at each public meeting and students, in return, will hear from one of their own, about what is happening at the policy level.

 To support the student trustee, the newly formed District Student Leadership Team (DSLT) met for the second time on October 17th. Two senior students from each of our high schools came together to develop effective communication strategies amongst schools, to share significant successes and challenges that they and their fellow students experience, and to determine who would be their student trustee representative.

Through a thoughtful consensus process, the team agreed that one of their number will be the Student Trustee for the 2013/ 2014 school year. They selected another student to be their Chair.

The energy, passion and enthusiasm of this student team is awe inspiring. They want the best opportunities for themselves and for their fellow students. They are creative, articulate and thoughtful. Their expertise as students will enrich and strengthen the educational dialogue for us all. 

Students deserve a voice in their education. That’s not a motto, that’s a fact.